Service Fees

Initial consultation – $199.00 (45-60min)

The consultation consists of:

  • A Thorough medical history and screening
  • Orthopaedic and Neurological examination
  • Diagnosis and discussion of diagnosis and treatment management plan
  • Referral to GP or Specialist if necessary for blood panel or other medical investigations (X-ray, CT, MRI, Ultrasound)
Standard Consultation – $99.00 (20-30min)

For ongoing management and treatment of your current condition.

Online Initial Consultation (Telehealth)  – $99 (45 min)
  • Dr Yazbek will provide an in-depth Telehealth consultation including:
    a review of your relevant medical history
  • A visually assessed physical examination where you will be guided through specific movements to elucidate your pain and symptoms
  • An analysis of your previous diagnostic workups including blood labs, x-rays, ultrasounds or MRIs
  • Using anatomical models to explain the tissue in lesion that was a direct result of your injury
  • Providing guided movement rehabilitation aimed at alleviating symptoms and restoring normal function
Follow up Online Consultation (Telehealth) – $75 (30 min)

Given the current restrictions on face-to-face consults, this form of consult gives you the option to have access to an in-depth discussion with Dr Yazbek which may include:

  • Demonstratable and self-guided stretching and strengthening to rehabilitate current musculoskeletal pain and injuries
  • Address and investigate past medical history and ongoing symptomatology through the use of nutritional questionnaires and various other diagnostic algorithmic approaches
Balance and Falls Risk Assessment – $199 (60 min)

Physiosensing allows the quantification of static and dynamic posture. It involves utilising 11 research driven assessment protocols along with an in-built virtual reality system aimed at rehabilitating and training all pathways that mediate balance, stability and control.

Stress Management and Recovery Assessment & Treatment

Nerve express is the world’s gold standard in assessing the bodies physiological capacity, current stress level as well as resilience and defence for stress-related diseases. Nerve express achieves this by assessing heart rate variability between different breaths and body positions.

NuCalm is the world’s first and only patented neuroscientific technology using neurochemistry and auditory hypnosis to interrupt stress at the midbrain and guide brain and body function into parasympathetic nervous system dominance. It is the applied neuropsychobiology and bioinformatics that present the brain with the chemistry, signaling and patterns that the brain typically interprets as triggers to slow brain function and prepare for sleep.
It is therefore ideal for inducing a state of deep relaxation and recovery, without the use of drugs.

Squat Analysis – $99.00 (30mins)

A comprehensive biomechanical assessment of your squat using the latest software, with a detailed report and consultation with Dr Yazbek to explain the results.

Deadlift Analysis – $99.00

A comprehensive biomechanical assessment of your squat using the latest software, with a detailed report and consultation with Dr Yazbek to explain the results.

X-Ray/MRI Analysis – 30 minutes – $60.00

If you’ve previously seen a chiropractor/physiotherapist/osteopathic practitioner who has arranged X-Ray or MRI imaging and you’d like a further detailed analysis to discuss and clarify the findings, this service will provide you with a second opinion to assist and better guide treatment decisions.

Cancellation Policy

You are advised that in booking an appointment you are reserving a practitioner’s time exclusively for your treatment and as such you agree to honour an invoice for charges incurred should you wish to cancel without 24hr notice prior to your scheduled time.

A cancellation fee of $50 is payable in this instance.

If for some reason you need to cancel or postpone the appointment, please give our clinic at least 24 hours notice on (02) 9317 2288.

Massage Services

1.5 hour consultation and massage – $150

1 hour consultation and massage – $110

30 minute consultation and massage – $60

Gift vouchers available