About Daniel Yazbek

Dr. Daniel Yazbek is the founder and owner of Chiro Hub.

Dr. Yazbek started his career as an athlete and certified personal trainer. He participated in many sports including rugby union, swimming and amateur boxing. This is where he gained a deep understanding of the biomechanical and physiological demands placed upon the body for movement when playing sports, work or general day to day activities.

He then extended his clinical understanding into the complexities of human movement and performance. At the end of 2012, Daniel graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the Australian Catholic University. During this time, he completed two systematic literature reviews including the effects of which resistance training has on ambulatory functioning in multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy populations. At the end of 2015, Daniel graduated from Macquarie university Masters in clinical Chiropractic.

Aware of an array of lifestyle choices and challenges, and the increase in chronic pain in many adults, Dr. Yazbek’s integrated physical medicine and rehabilitation approach sees that his interest is focussed solely on offering and enabling his clients to take full control during transitional phases the body encounters by creating optimal preparedness of the neuromusculosketal system.

Daniel’s ongoing interests and academic training involve:
  • Whiplash associated disorders
  • Foot & ankle pain and chronic ankle instability
  • Low back and pelvic pain
  • Migraine and other various headache presentations/disorders
  • Balance, dizziness and postural control
  • Athletic development
  • Sports and exercise performance

Recently Daniel was chosen to present at a NSW Academic Panel for Chiropractic students, where he showcased his clinical philosophy. Currently his ethos extends to mentoring university students throughout their Clinical Chiropractic degree.

His genuine and thorough approach, daily practice, and his own personal pioneering development in his field, makes him one of the leading chiropractors in Sydney today.